Short Run

BA Die Mold provides short run molding, in-house tryouts and low volume production runs.

Our highly skilled injection molding technicians are capable of executing tool changes and color changes as well as processing your low volume molding projects.

We regularly schedule projects in and out of our presses – ranging in size from 50 tons to 200 tons, including one vertical-vertical and one rotary press. We take pride in both the speed and precision with which we can schedule and turn around your low volume molded part projects.

Need an engineering change and sample parts molded fast? No problem. We have been known to make an engineering change and resample a mold, shipping parts to customers within 24 hours of receiving the CAD data!

Our molding services comprise:

  • Mold samplings, PPAP runs & capability studies
  • Very low volume production (under 100 pieces) to test various resins and colors
  • Blanket orders (generally less than 100,000 pieces)
  • One time, “get me out of this jam” runs
  • Pre-production runs for parts to test your in-house automation.
  • Customized PERC System training and P.M. training for smooth start-ups and trouble free mold maintenance routines.

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