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Our Patented PERC™ System

Programmable Electric Rotating Core

PERC is a compact, high speed, high torque and high precision system utilizing programmable servo motors in place of hydraulics for unscrewing applications.

Leading product designers and OEMs have already realized the many advantages of utilizing this patented system versus conventional hydraulic unscrewing systems.


BA Die Mold transforms ideas into reality.

Using 3D solid models and databases, we offer mold and new product design, as well as re-engineering of existing products. Why settle for a part design that might be moldable when you can have one that will be?

Allow us to use our experience in part design, moldmaking, and processing to provide the critical insight needed to save you time and money when it counts the most.

Mold Manufacturing

BA Die Mold provides ground-breaking solutions.

Since 1968 we have brought solutions to our customers in a diverse range of industries including: medical devices, water filtration & plumbing, consumables, electronics, spray nozzles, caps and closures/packaging.

We help customers save time and money using BA ingenuity in every phase of a project. If there’s a way to build it better, we’ll find it!

Rapid Prototype

Get prototype molds in as little as 3 Days!

BA Die Mold builds tool steel prototype molds to your exact requirements. Whether you need just a handful of parts from a hand mold or a production-capable tool, we can build it, quickly and economically.

Short Run

BA Die Mold provides short run molding, in-house tryouts and low volume production runs.

We regularly schedule projects in and out of our presses – ranging in size from 50 tons to 200 tons, including one vertical-vertical and one rotary press.

We have been known to make an engineering change and resample a mold, shipping parts to customers within 24 hours of receiving the CAD data!

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