Our Patented PERC™ System

PERC: Programmable Electric Rotating Core

PERC is a compact, high speed, high torque and high precision system utilizing programmable servo motors in place of hydraulics for unscrewing applications.

Leading product designers and OEMs have already realized the many advantages of utilizing this patented system versus conventional hydraulic unscrewing systems.

PERC eliminates the need for a rack and cylinder. Instead, it uses a servo motor to rotate the core. So parts featuring an unlimited number of threads, intricate geometry or special requirements are now possible and practical. Eliminating the hydraulic cylinder also eliminates the hydraulic cylinder mess and maintenance headaches and makes PERC very sanitary for use in clean room and FDA-regulated settings. In fact, PERC servo motors can be purchased sealed specifically for clean room manufacturing environments.

All electric, servo controlled PERC Systems offer higher efficiencies than their hydraulically-driven counterparts. For this reason, some of our customers spec PERC even when the unscrewing can be effectively achieved via conventional hydraulic rack and cylinder. Our customers enjoy the clean, green advantage when they switch to PERC from hydraulic unscrewing!

Our PERC system is fully programmable and deadly accurate.

You can program an unlimited number of profiles and repeatability is absolute. It’s perfect for electric molding machines because the controls for the PERC System can be integrated right into the core pull function of your press. We build and program the controls or control cabinet so it’s ready to run at your facility. And, if desired, one cabinet can be used with multiple molds. Touch screens are also an option, making it even easier to upload the desired program right at the press. We train the molder (at their facility or ours) on how to safely disassemble and reassemble the mold and connect the controls without damaging the system. Best of all, the system itself requires little to no maintenance.

As we like to say here at BA Die Mold, “The profitability is in the spin!”

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