Rapid Prototype

Get prototype molds in as little as 3 Days!

BA Die Mold builds tool steel prototype molds to your exact requirements. Whether you need just a handful of parts from a hand mold or a production-capable tool, we can build it, quickly and economically.

Our steel prototypes offer you several advantages, including:

  • More accurate replication of results from a production tool (no more surprises)
  • Added durability
  • They can be pilot production-ready
  • Easier engineering changes
  • Easier to maintain (can be welded or plated)
  • Can be used as a back-up mold.

Plus, for your added convenience, we offer:

  • Part design and refinement
  • Solid modeling
  • First article inspection / PPAP’s
  • In-house sampling (up to 200 tons)
  • Pre-production and production molds.

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