Confidentiality Agreement


During your visit with B A Die Mold, Inc. and any other facilities doing business with B A Die Mold, you may be exposed to information in the form of specifications, equipment designs, processes or techniques of other confidential business information that are the property of B A Die Mold, Inc. This may be as a result of participating in a tour of the facility. We will expect you to treat this information in a confidential manner and not disclose it to anyone, and by signing below you agree to so comply.

If you feel you do not want to participate in a tour or have any such confidential information in your possession, please indicate below. In this event, your host will take measures to screen such items for which you do not wish to accept responsibility. Should you not indicate your objection to receipt of this information, the laws of Illinois and those of the United States of America that cover confidential business information and trade secrets will govern you.

____ I do not wish to be exposed to any confidential information that is the property of B A Die Mold, Inc.

____ I do not wish to participate in a tour.

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B A Die Mold, Inc.

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